Bringing the best out of your team - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

Bringing the best out of your team

As a change agent I will help you bring the best out of your team creating common goals and expectations.

Bringing the best out of your team - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

Bringing the best out of your team

Eudis Consult is a consulting and support firm specialising on project development and online marketing and sales.


  • Eudis - Graubunden vineyards

    The Graubünden vineyard, a hidden treasure on the banks of the Rhine

    • Wine
    Welcome to the smallest of all the Alpine wine regions: the Bündner Herrschaft in Switzerland, a vineyard located on the north-western edge of the country’s largest canton by area, Graubünden. The land of great Pinot Noirs.
  • Alpine Wine Regions map (c) 2023


    • Wine
    Alpina Vina is your expert guide to the finest wines and producers in Europe’s Alpine arc created by a group of passionate Alpine wine lovers and experts with a keen interest in the wine regions of the Alps: Trentino (IT), Alto Adige (IT), Valais (CH), Savoie (FR), Ticino (CH), Valtellina (IT), Chablais (CH), Aosta Valley (IT) and Graubünden (CH).
  • Alpina Vina fim team

    A new series of alpine wine documentaries

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    In the foothills of the Alps, the alpine terroir is characterised by a cold and snowy winter climate, relatively high altitude vineyards and often steep slopes with many native grape varieties rarely found elsewhere. With a proven history of wine production dating back to Roman times, Alpine wines are a hidden treasure in the heart of Europe. This film series highlights the Alpine wine regions of Switzerland, Italy and France.


  • Market research - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

    Audit and research

    Audit and research is often the most important part of a project development, however most companies find it difficult to dedicate resources and often lack experience about what to search for.
  • Team work - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

    Project management

    Project management is not just about techniques it is also about people, communication and ownership.
  • Training - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud


    Ensuring that everyone receives a proper initial and follow up training will ensure that the learning curve is shortened.

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