Bringing the best out of your team - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

Bringing the best out of your team

As a change agent I will help you bring the best out of your team creating common goals and expectations.

Bringing the best out of your team - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

Bringing the best out of your team

Eudis Consult is a consulting and support firm specialising on project development and online marketing and sales.


  • Verres Murano ou Zalto - Eudis Consult

    Should the glass embellish the table or the wine?

    • Opinion
    From to
    Who has not lived the somewhat embarrassing experience of a well-intentioned host who, after having carefully decorated the table and prepared a magnificent meal, found a great wine at the neighbouring wine shop and served it to you in a magnificent glass which sadly did not bring out the best in the wine?
  • Swisswine Online Tasting - Eudis Consult

    Wine tasting and promotion in the digital era

    • Wine
    Promoting wine to professional buyers and sommeliers during a lockdown is not an easy task and many of us had to reinvent themselves. This is how Simon Hardy DipWSET and I bounced back online with a product you typically want to taste.
  • London swisswine tasting - pataclette - Eudis Consult

    Swiss wine day in London, wines and Pataclette® to seduce the British consumers

    • Wine
    Swiss wines and Pataclette® to seduce British sommeliers and buyers at the 5th annual Swiss wine promotional event in London organised by Eudis-Consult.


  • Market research - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

    Audit and research

    Audit and research is often the most important part of a project development, however most companies find it difficult to dedicate resources and often lack experience about what to search for.
  • Team work - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

    Project management

    Project management is not just about techniques it is also about people, communication and ownership.
  • Training - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud


    Ensuring that everyone receives a proper initial and follow up training will ensure that the learning curve is shortened.

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