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February 2024
  • Alpine Wine Regions map (c) 2023


    • Wine
    Alpina Vina is your expert guide to the finest wines and producers in Europe’s Alpine arc created by a group of passionate Alpine wine lovers and experts with a keen interest in the wine regions of the Alps: Trentino (IT), Alto Adige (IT), Valais (CH), Savoie (FR), Ticino (CH), Valtellina (IT), Chablais (CH), Aosta Valley (IT) and Graubünden (CH).
March 2022
  • Memoire des vins suisses - H-P. Siffert

    Welcome to The Memory of Swiss Wines

    • Wine
    Meet Andreas Keller, the co-founder of La Mémoire des Vins Suisses (The Memory of Swiss Wines) who dedicated his professional life to raising the awareness and reputation of Swiss fine wines both in Switzerland and internationally.
September 2021
  • Eudis-Consult - Dump truck and plastic waste

    Each year the equivalent of 5,000 trucks of plastic waste is scattered in nature in Switzerland

    • Opinion
    The documentary by Fabien Favre and Hervé Pfister "A vacuum-packed world" which tells the story of a cyclo-traveller who travelled from Tarifa (Spain) to the North Cape (Norway) with the challenge not to consume single-use plastics during the 120 days of his journey and recounts the resulting consequences and encounters, trigger some reflections.
October 2020
  • Verres Murano ou Zalto - Eudis Consult

    Should the glass embellish the table or the wine?

    • Opinion
    Who has not lived the somewhat embarrassing experience of a well-intentioned host who, after having carefully decorated the table and prepared a magnificent meal, found a great wine at the neighbouring wine shop and served it to you in a magnificent glass which sadly did not bring out the best in the wine?
September 2020
  • Swisswine Online Tasting - Eudis Consult

    Wine tasting and promotion in the digital era

    • Wine
    Promoting wine to professional buyers and sommeliers during a lockdown is not an easy task and many of us had to reinvent themselves. This is how Simon Hardy DipWSET and I bounced back online with a product you typically want to taste.
March 2020
  • London swisswine tasting - pataclette - Eudis Consult

    Swiss wine day in London, wines and Pataclette® to seduce the British consumers

    • Wine
    Swiss wines and Pataclette® to seduce British sommeliers and buyers at the 5th annual Swiss wine promotional event in London organised by Eudis-Consult.
July 2019
  • The Silk Roads - Eudis Consult

    The silk roads will never cease to exist

    • Project
    I was invited to coach Innokick’s Summer Academy, which has been taking place in China for the past four years. It triggered in my mind an analogy with the silk roads between China and Europe.
May 2019
  • Swiss Wine Day MW - Eudis Consul

    Swiss wine on tour in London 2019

    • Wine
    The Swiss vineyards are the size of the Alsatian (150 however they are more difficult than the later to find in London (UK), in part because of some ill informed misconceptions.
March 2019
  • Unite Fishkit paddle sup 12-6 face - Eudis Consult

    Project Fishkit: Boatbuilding accessible to all

    • Project
    Alexandre Genoud is a creative and experienced craftsman whose journey took him to England, France and Switzerland. In January 2019, he decided to launch Fishkit: a kit boat construction workshop.
November 2018
  • Large format labels - Eudis Consult

    The price of a large format

    • Wine
    A large bottle is good format to keep the wine in the cellar, it's exceptional and beautiful to look at but it has a price: the price of the work of the craftsman who bottled it.
  • eudis-consult-team

    Project management with people in mind

    • Project
    Project management provides formal approaches to support participants in interdisciplinary and temporary projects.  But they are two important success factors in projects: goal setting and the human factor.
October 2018
  • Pall Mall - Speaker- Eudis Consult

    Switzerland and its defining indigenous grapes at 67 Pall Mall in London

    • Wine
    For the last two years 67 Pall Mall has been hosting events on the theme of Swiss wines. In the spring a walk around tasting for professionals and members, in the fall a master class for members. Both events attract passionate wine lovers.
September 2018
  • Caroline en facade - Eudis Consult

    A new media: Les Flacons de Caroline

    • Project
    Caroline Lefay is a young and charismatic sommelière, who traveled the world working in Michelin stared restaurants. We have worked together to define her value proposition and prepare what will be her digital presence.
May 2018
  • RGPD protection des données - Eudis Consult

    GDPR Data protection and Swiss wine companies

    • Research
    What is the new European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation ) and how does it impact Swiss wine companies, wineries and merchants, in Switzerland.
April 2018
  • eudis-consult-an-ode-to-large-bottles

    An ode to large bottles

    • Wine
    In a society where alcoholic beverages and good food are demonized while the real "evil" is most often the lack of self-listening, we propose to enjoy life with pleasure and measure.
September 2017
  • Pall Mall - Jose et JF devant le coffre de la cave - Eudis Consult

    Wines and caviar from Valais at the prestigious 67 Pall Mall wine club in London

    • Wine
    London September 18, 2017. The prestigious club 67 Pall Mall hosted Dr Jose Vouillamoz for a conference on grape varieties DNA.
July 2017
  • Swiss Wine Gourmet - Eudis Consult

    Swiss Wine Gourmet

    • Project
    From to
    Swiss Wine Promotion, the official promotional organisation for the promotion of Swiss wines, has been running a promotion named the Swiss Wine Gourmet. Its objectif is to bring consumers, restaurant owners and swiss wine producers closer.
November 2013
  • China store dreamstime - Eudis Consult

    Wine consumption in China

    • Research
    Swiss Fine Wine is a group of Swiss entrepreneurs teaming up to promote top Swiss wineries around the world.

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