Audit and research

Audit and research is often the most important part of a project development, however most companies find it difficult to dedicate resources and often lack experience about what to search for.

Company audits and market research are mutually beneficial activities for the client and the consultant. They allow both parties to develop a common understanding for the scope of a project.


Market research - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

Review the market understanding, review the price and margin waterfall, review sales and distribution channels, review terms and conditions, making sure all attainable segments are considered. To accomplish those tasks, it takes an experiences market developper.

Products or services

Products and services - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

Revisiting a product or service line up, making sure they fit in the market place, that they do not overlap and are properly positioned in the market, both from a feature and price perspective.


Organisation processes - Eudis-Consult - Jean-François Genoud

Revisiting workflows, writing job descriptions and processes to make sure the company's expectations are communicated, understood and met.

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